spring edition 2013​

It is again my pleasure to welcome you back to our latest edition of Be Informed, which contains a collection of articles that we consider to be business informative, current and topical for our clients and friends.

In this issue we explore the impact that the change of Federal Government is likely to have on future tax laws and policies. Whilst these changes are yet to be passed by the Senate they will potentially have a significant impact on all businesses.

Our dear friend and long standing client Derek Leddie provides his insights on using both meditation and yoga to improve resilience and creativity amongst senior executives. Our Directors have been working with Derek and Samantha over the past six months and have found there has been a considerable positive impact amongst the team.

Our article on maximising the value of acquisitions is also a recommended read as businesses have the potential to gain a competitive edge at a time where merger and acquisition activity is at a low.

We are also delighted to announce that, Greg Travers, our Head of Tax, has written a book titled the ‘The Tax Advisors Guide to Part IVA’ which will be published by The Tax Institute shortly. In writing this book Greg has further illustrated the esteem in which he is held by industry bodies for explaining complex issues in a way for all to comprehend.

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Best Wishes

N.T. Hatzistergos
Managing Director