Streamlined financial reporting for non government schools

The ACNC has announced that non-government schools will not have to provide any financial information direct to the commission for the 2014 and 2015 reporting periods. The ACNC will instead extract the relevant data from Department of Education and Training Financial Questionnaires.
Non-government schools benefit from transitional arrangements, allowing the commission to accept financial reports already provided to the Department of Education and Training. The announcement means that this arrangement will extend to non-government schools’ not being required to complete financial questions in 2014 and 2015 AISs.

Importantly, the ACNC intends to pursue longer-term arrangements. The commissioner intends to seek an amendment to the regulation that will extend the transitional period while the commission works towards a long-term streamlined reporting solution for the sector.

The ACNC will continue to consult with the Independent Schools Council of Australia and other state and territory bodies to implement longer-term data-sharing arrangements with the Department of Education and Training.

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