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The Jumpstart Series – uncovering the financial strategies to successfully scale a tech company. If you’re interested to know how some of the best tech companies got to where they are, then this is the podcast for you. We’ll be sitting down with founders, experts and investors to discuss their experiences and insights on the realities of managing business finances and gaining a competitive edge. We’ll also be having some fun along the way, so join us!

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Find out what you can expect to hear on The JumpStart Series – the topics, the people and the ways to help you get ahead.


EPISODE 2 - The Long Road to IPO: Signposts for Tech Companies

Having a tech company listed on a stock exchange was once a universally-accepted measure of its success. In recent years however, this notion has changed. The road to IPO is long and bumpy as seen from high-profile cases like WeWork and Guvera. This episode shares insights on whether a tech company should embark on the multi-year IPO journey in the first place, and what should be done today to make it a successful one.

In this episode, join William Buck directors Mark Calvetti and Jack Qi as they discuss what makes an IPO worth pursuing and the common traits of successful IPOs.

If you have any questions, please visit the William Buck Technology webpage or get in touch with Jack at

EPISODE 1 - Secrets to Becoming a VC Magnet

Well-connected, deep pockets, insightful and at-times intimidating. No tech company on their journey to scale can ignore the VC. Searching for the VC “perfect match” for your cap raise can sometimes feel like dating – it pays to know more about the other person and what they’re looking for. In this episode, we show you how to become a VC magnet, featuring William Buck Directors Mark Calvetti (Corporate Advisory) & Jack Qi (Tech Sector Specialist). If you have questions or need a helping hand with your startup, visit the William Buck Technology page, or get in touch with Jack at