Thousands of charities on notice Delisting of charities

The ACNC has warned 8000 charities that they will soon be at risk of revocation if they don’t submit overdue reporting. Their 2014 annual information statements (AIS) are almost a year overdue.

The charities already have red marks against their names on the charity register, telling the general public that they have not met their obligations. If they miss the deadline for submitting the 2015 statement they will lose their charity status.

To maintain registration with the ACNC, charities with overdue 2014 statements should submit them as soon as possible.

The ACNC will soon be reminding charities to submit their 2015 statements.

Check to see that you have lodged your 2014 statement.

The ACNC recently revoked the status of more than 350 charities, which will lose commonwealth tax concessions. The charities failed to complete their 2013 and 2014 AIS despite many reminders.

Only charities registered with the ACNC receive tax concessions. ACNC registration is required to access several commonwealth concessions, including income-tax exemption, fringe benefit rebates and exemptions, and GST rebates. Some deductible-gift-recipient (DGR) categories also require charities to be registered with the ACNC.

The ACNC will notify the ATO of the revocations.

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