William Buck Director Becomes Chair of Praxity Asia

William Buck Brisbane director, Junaide Latif, has recently stepped up to become the chair of the Praxity Asia Pacific Audit and Assurance Focus Group after being encouraged to do so by William Buck’s head of Audit, Leo Tutt.   Junaide had the opportunity to chair his first meeting during the Praxity Asia Pacific Conference in Shanghai in July.

The Praxity Asia Pacific Audit and Assurance Focus Group has three main purposes:

1. To encourage and coordinate information sharing between all Praxity Asia Pacific firms.
2. To communicate to regional offices any significant events taking place.
3. To coordinate joint marketing efforts and enable firms to market across regions.

Junaide believes that one of the key benefits of being chair of the Asia Pacific Audit and Assurance Focus Group is that it puts William Buck’s brand out there to the Asia Pacific region. He is encouraging other William Buck directors to get actively involved with Praxity both in Asia Pacific and globally.

Junaide will be attending the global Praxity conference in Vancouver in October.

You can find out more about Praxity here.

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