William Buck Wealth Advisory awarded NSW Practice

We are excited to share that our Wealth Advisory team has been awarded the ‘Licensee Select NSW Practice of the Year.’

The award, presented on Wednesday 20th March was given following a very stringent review process conducted by Business Health, a well-known consulting firm to Australian financial planning practices.

This review comprised of two competitive stages.

The first stage was to complete an in-depth written assessment providing operating and financial metrics.
Business Health then reviewed all the assessments and selected the top three finalists in each state.

The three finalists went through to the second stage which consisted of a three hour face to face due diligence meeting during which the written responses were evidenced and benchmarked to best practice.  The meeting also focused on succession planning, business planning, client communications and best practices. This meeting gave us the opportunity to provide evidence of our success in achieving the seventeen elements that Business Health had outlined as the requirements to be ‘NSW Practice of the Year’.

Business Health also assessed qualitative criteria including having a strong Compliance Culture, a proven track record for Continuing Professional Education and continuing advocacy of quality advice.

Business Health, has also judged us as coming within the top 1% of financial planning practices in Australia.

Fausto Pastro, Wealth Advisory Director said ‘ Whilst it’s always nice for the ego to receive an award, what is more important is receiving independent confirmation about the achievements of our business;  our client engagement process, our value proposition, our investment methodology, all of which is evidenced by client retention, client referrals, etc.’

Fausto made a special mention of Todd Stanford, Scott Girdlestone and Sam Kitchen as well as the rest of the Wealth Advisory team who are responsible for implementing and maintaining the standards and on whose shoulders this award substantially rests.

We would also like to thank our clients, without whom we would not have won this award.  Our clients have believed in us and trust us every day to look after their financial health.  This trust is not something we take lightly and we will strive to continue to do our best for our clients.

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