winter edition 2012

Our lead story centres around the result of the Exit Planning Survey recently conducted by our Corporate Advisory team, “Be Exit Ready”.  The survey gained wide participation which was featured in an article in the Australian Financial Review on 19 May.  The article provides some thought provoking reading for all business owners not just those looking to exit.

Also in this edition, we spend 5 minutes with Theo Pettaras, Managing Director of Digitalpress.  Theo is not only a long standing client, but an outstanding innovator and someone I am lucky enough to call friend.  Digitalpress have an outstanding business model and have gone from strength to strength in recent years, largely due to Theo’s ability to approach things from “outside the square” and to embrace change.  We hope you enjoy “meeting” him.

On the subject of change we recently hosted the 20th National Directors Conference in Sydney.  The theme this year was “Shift Happens” and in selecting the theme, we considered recent events around the world and in our local market and that we are indeed in a period of significant change and economic challenge.  We felt that spending time focussing on how we will adapt to the challenges faced by both our clients and our profession ,made a lot of sense, because, whether we like it or not, “Shift Happens”. In coming editions we will share with you some of our thoughts on managing through changing environment

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Nikolas Hatzistergos