You may withhold information

Registered charities can apply to the ACNC to have information withheld from the register.

When charities apply to have information withheld, the ACNC removes them from the register while the request is reviewed.

The ACNC determines is information may be withheld based on requirements in its Act.  Information may be withheld that:

  • Is commercially sensitive and publication could cause harm to the charity or a person
  • Is inaccurate or misleading
  • Is likely to offend
  • Could endanger public safety, and
  • Is covered by ACNC regulations.

If the request does not meet these requirements, the commission will notify the charity and the information is again made public on the register.

A policy statement on withholding information states that publication of information on the register is generally in the public interest as transparency and accountability contribute to public trust and confidence in charities.  The commission’s starting point is that publication is in the public interest with very few exceptions.

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